Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our little girl has a name as of yesterday.

Elizabeth Jane

We will call her "Libbie."

She is named after my paternal grandmother, whom I adore and who is a saint for living with my grandfather for 50+ years. She has been very sick in the last two years and I had honestly hoped this baby would be a girl so Grandma could meet her first great-grandchild and namesake.

My other grandmother's name is Janice and my mom's middle name is Jean, so I think Jane is a good mix of those and we just like the name.

No, I don't care if you like it or not. But someone asked what the name was when I announced she was a girl, so there you go! I don't want any responses on whether she will be made fun of, etc, etc. Thanks!


  1. Brilliant and beautiful.

  2. Well, I sure hope no one will tell you that they don't like the name because, frankly, it isn't their business. :)

    With that said, I love the name. :)

  3. I think it's cute =)

  4. I love it! Our daughter was also named after her great-grandmother, and the 3 sweet visits we had with her before she died were so touching.

    Even if we had had to name her Agatha Gertrude, it would have been worth it--to see the happiness on that woman's face.

  5. It's beautiful! Shame on anyone who would say otherwise!

  6. If anyone makes fun of my Libbie, they will die a slow painful death. That is all.

    "Auntie Roo"

  7. How could you make fun of Libbie? I love it!

    And how did you decide so quickly. Even when I decide, I know I'll be wondering if I really decided. *sigh*

    (I'll be calling her Libbie Lou...that's what we call Lydia; Lyddie Lou!)


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